Retinal Readout System OKO - First Signs of Life

On May 18, 2000, the first tests of the Neurochip-based recording system with a biological preparation were performed at the Salk Institute. This system is being developed by Prof. Alan Litke and colleagues, UC Santa Cruz, in collaboration with our lab. We hope it will soon evolve into a recording system that allows simultaneous recording of the activity of 500-2000 retinal ganglion cells. The first test was very successful: many action potentials were recorded from a salamander retina. The very first spikes observed are shown below:

Recording sample rate: 10 kHz. Vertical axis units: volts output from the Neurochip (gain = 200). Quantization noise due to low gain on the data acquisition card can be seen in the traces -- this was easily fixed and absent in subsequent traces.

Personnel during testing:

Alan Litke, Tim Dubbs, Sergei Kachiguin (UC Santa Cruz)

E.J. Chichilnisky, Divya Chander, Rachel Kalmar (Salk Institute)